We are looking for an experienced, result-oriented professional to occupy our position of Head of Compliance & Risk.

Ideal candidate
An extended background in banking & financial industries is required;
Solid background and expertise in AML/KYC/GDPR (for both at distance and face to face);
Fluent in English. French is considered a plus;

Job Description

Area - Compliance
Creates ensures approval and keeps records of the company's internal regulations/products/ compliance manuals/ internal codes of conduct/practical guides for staff from a legal point of view, based on national regulations and Group policies;
Develops methodologies for assessing compliance risk/develops compliance manuals, internal codes of conduct and practical guides for staff
Keeps the relationships with national authorities (ANPC, BNR, other authorities)
Engages with key stakeholders of the company, including other subsidies to build solid relationships, improve processes, share knowledge and develop a compliance culture among employees
Assist with conducting Internal Monitoring (CMP) of adherence to internal policies
Supports with regulatory, audit and similar inspections
Undertakes Continuous Professional Development
Implements and manages an effective legal compliance program
Regularly audits company procedures, practices, and documents to identify possible weaknesses or risks.
Keeps records of the company Control Registry and monitors off-site and on-site controls;
Investigates writes and sends responses to complaints received from third parties.
Conducts training on employees and performs testing activity of company's employees;
Administers and develops the ethical values of the company, manages the conflict of interest flow, ensures compliance with ethical rules of conduct in business;
Identifies, evaluates, monitors, makes recommendations and reports to Executive Committee and Group aspects of the compliance risk associated with the company's activities;
Makes records and archives the information/documents;
Assess the compliance risks associated with the company’s business activities.
Performs activities for Data Protection Officer

Area - Internal Control
Implements and tests key controls of new, existing minimum standards in different operational areas
Identifies control deficiencies, where the case
Performs controls on site and remote on outsourced activities to third parties
Provides support to different departments on new initiatives or changes in assuring internal control of the company
Reports to Executive Committee the results for acknowledgment and approval.

Area - Operational Risk
Participates at the implementation within the Company of an operational risk application
Identifies, manages and monitors the operational risk elements and events, adds in the database and generates reports
Checks the accuracy of the operational risk events and losses, by cross-checking them with the support departments
Monitors the status of operational risk events and informs the Executive Committee
Implements and monitors that Company has adequate policies and procedures on operational risk management, according to both national laws and regulations in force and Group policies
Identifies the elements of operational risk in all departments
Actively participates in the process of Product Approval Procedure and in operational structure levels of the company, by identifying the risks and agree on mitigation solutions
Coordinates the process of operational risk and control self-assessment within the Company.
Participates at the definition of activities and processes (Process Model) of the Company
Supports the operational risk correspondents (liaisons) in the identification and assessment of potential operational risk events in their area of responsibilities.
Monitors and collects the key risk indicators defined as well as the action plan status.
Prepares and submits reports related to operational risk to national authorities and Executive Committee
Collects the operational risk incidents from the territorial units and from Head Office
Provides training on operational risk issues when needed
Corresponds with the Group on any aspects regarding operational risk
Prepares reports and presentations on operational risk issues to Executive Committee.

Our offer
Competitive salary
Annual bonus
Flexible work time
Work from home
Meal tichets

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